Want a 6 pack?

Fitness is hard. Nutrition is harder. Almost as hard as math.

A good gym community revolves around helping you become the best version of yourself. From small group classes to the creativity of scaling movements to make you better, good coaches want to see you succeed.

But the gym is only one part of this health and wellness journey.

The old tale is true, abs are made in the kitchen. Even if yours are little more insulated than your neighbors, at the foundation lies nutrition. You can build a strong body, but without a strong nutritional base your gym gains will eventually crumble. I can tell you, I’ve been there. I have eaten the cinnamon bun for breakfast and then tried to go for a long ride, or only eaten breakfast the day before and then tried to go for a run. I have fasted, bulletproof coffee-ed, whole30-ed, paleo-ed, ate all the food, not eaten all the food, and the list goes on.

Good news friends. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Better news. You can still have that latte (or insert your vice).

I’m glad you’re still with me.

Through building a strong foundation you will achieve better results in the gym. You will be able to lift heavier, go faster, and be more mobile.

You will recover faster. You will be less sore, sleep better, and be less prone to injury. You will achieve better results at work.

You will be more alert, more productive, and smile at the copier.

You will have more energy to spend with your family and kids. You will be able to keep lifting your children as they grow, you will be able to get on and off the floor with them, and be nicer at bed time.

One of the highlights of being a coach is watching members/clients grow and succeed. I can promise you, your milestones don’t go unseen. My coaches chat group explodes with enthusiasm when we share our members successes with each other. We believe strongly that nutrition is going to play a huge part in the success of your fitness journey and we can’t wait to watch!

Not sure where to start and need some healthy recipe ideas? Check these ones out!

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