Dear America,

We have an underlying problem It’s huge. Americans are getting bigger and sicker by the year. Advances in medicine should be helping us live longer and yet they are only a band aid on the situation. Our quality of life is not improving, we are just living sicker, longer.

Healthcare is not really health care, nor is it health insurance. If it were either we would have access to programs like annual check ups, nutritional programs, stress reduction, gym memberships, etc. However, I bet your ‘healthcare’ plan covers none of these.

But it covers dialysis, insulin for diabetes, high blood pressure medication, organ replacement from years of alcohol abuse, weight reduction surgery, and medication for depression.

We have a sickcare system.

Sadly, most will only pay for procedures and treatments that their insurance will cover. Leaving us even sicker. Where have we gone wrong?

Life is short and it’s made up of choices and your choices of the past are a cumulation of who you are right now.

America, we can be better. Stop lying to yourselves that you will start tomorrow. Stop saying you can’t. Start taking care of yourself and your body right this minute. Start digging yourself out of your own grave.

There are people who believe in you. There are people who will hold you accountable. There are people who will cheer you on. There are people who will be honest with you. There are people who will catch you when you stumble. There are people who will laugh and cry with you. Why? Because it matters. Because YOU matter.

Are you ready for a change? Find a community that cares. We are all around you. All you have to do is show up.

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