Not just on #MotivationMonday

Let’s talk about Motivation. This curious but tricky thing.
Motivation by definition is a recreational behavior that cause a person to want to continue a certain behavior. Motivation may come from intrinsic forces (with in the individual) or extrinsic forces (think events, speakers, etc).It’s easy to get caught up in a moment or a whirlwind of excitement and claim to be a changed or new person. But it is just as easy to loose that momentum or be constantly searching for that catalyst.

So what do you do if you’ve lost it?

Do you hide under the covers when you should be working out and watch the latest Goalcast? Do you sign up for the nearest conference in your field? Maybe. Everyone has their way of keeping the motivation momentum, and let’s remember nothing is wrong. What works for you might not work for your neighbor.

What is important to note is that losing it becomes a dangerous thing – snowballing quickly, spinning into a death spiral of procrastination and regret.

Lacking motivation? I could say “Suck it up buttercup”, “Find a straw and suck it up”, or my latest favorite, borrowed from our nations finest, “Your enemies are working out to kill you”. However, these may be slightly more realistic and supportive.

  1. Find the reason. Write it down and look at it often.
  2. Reward yourself. Reward yourself often and don’t cheat to get to that reward.
  3. Break your goal up into manageable pieces. Do you want to do a 70.3? Race a sprint and then an olympic triathlon first.
  4. Find a friend with a similar goal. Bonus: you’ll have accountability when you don’t make a workout.
  5. Keep a log or a chart. This can help us remember who you are and where you came from. Remember, we all started somewhere.

Regardless of how you get it, hold on to it and inspire others. You might just be their motivation.

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