Did it really happen?

“But I can’t go with out my (insert Garmin/wahoo/watch/strava/etc).’

You have that friend who doesn’t want to go to the gym or on that bike ride or go for that run with out being able to log it. We all know who I’m talking about. You can called them out, tag them in the comments, or send them the link.

But why? Why do we as a society need to be so attached to our devices? I am certainly not the best role model. As a small business owner and at any given time I am usually working on one of mine. I commit the dinner table crime of responding to messages, checking emails, and taking calls. I’m guilty of letting notifications interrupt my workouts and conversations. My wrist or pocket is constantly buzzing and interrupting my train of thought, pulling me in all directions. It’s too easy really. Our phones have morphed into mini computers that burn holes in our pockets. We have become slaves to technology – and ironically to devices that we use to ‘get away’ or ‘destress’.

Have you ever tried a digital detox?

A few years ago we experimented with a digital detox dinner. No phones, no watches, no TVs. Just authentic conversations and good food at a local restaurant.

It was hard. But it was real. We had conversation. We laughed. We listened. Our senses heightened. We made eye contact. And I can tell you years later, what we talked about.

The next time you go to dinner, leave your phone in the car. Don’t worry, your babysitter will probably call 911 first and then the restaurant. The next time you go for a run, leave your watch at home. I’ll vouch for you that it did happen, even if it wasn’t on Strava.

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