Comp Training

Better conditioning, more speed, superior fitness. These are just some of the benefits you'll receive from our Endurance Class.This class combines distance running, sprinting and bodyweight movements into a challenging program that will truly test your endurance. Our coaches will assist participants with running form and technique, designed to make them faster and safer. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to test their fitness and raise their level of conditioning.

What Comp Trainees Say?

"I was able to knock five minutes off my personal best in a 10k - that's impressive."

"Great coaching has lifted my performance more than I would have thought possible."


"I never thought I'd be able to train at this high a level and enjoy it at the same time. "


"They've put the fun back in my competitive training - something that was sorely lacking. "

At CrossFit CSG we're all about working hard and having fun.

Come on in for your free test drive - Saturday mornings 9 am!